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Blackjack Strategy

What is Your Strategy for Playing Blackjack?  Blackjack strategy is an element of playing blackjack that refers to counting cards and/or other techniques you can use to improve your chances of winning the game. A payback percentage is a number that tells you how much money you will make after deducting expenses. This term comes from the game of online blackjack that …
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Steve Zungul

Steve Zungul and the New York Arrows

Steve Zungul and the New York Arrows indoor soccer squad have an unusual story. However, given the period in which he and the club were active, it isn’t entirely outlandish. In 1978, professional soccer in North America was on the rise. The North American Soccer League (NASL), the top-tier league, has grown to a record 24 clubs. The average attendance per …
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Ricardinho best indoor futsal shoes

TOP 6 Indoor Futsal Shoes!

Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga, better known as Ricardinho, is one of the top active futsal players in the world, if not the best. He just shared a video on his Instagram account promoting new Nike’s ReactGato indoor futsal shoes, and the response was incredible! Comfortable and dependable shoes are a futsal player’s closest friend on the road to the top, and …
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indoor soccer tips and tricks

Indoor Soccer Tips and Tricks

Indoor soccer is a fast-paced, thrilling sport. It’s quite a different game in many ways than 11-a-side outfield soccer, with a smaller pitch and fewer players: it’s more scoring, more frantic, and one team’s dominance may be overturned in an instant. Here are some of the most important indoor soccer tips and tricks. Of course, most of the rules of soccer apply, …
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