Academic anxiety dreams, and what they might mean | Jenny Rohn | Science | The Guardian - Adult nightmare about not graduating

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People years further than I from graduation day report nightmares about showing for that — and it reveals that the prevalence of school dreams is no illusion. or any of the other myriad scenarios in which adults could humiliate themselves? Why do I have reoccurring dreams about missing classes even though I'm not still in school?​ What could a recurring dream about being back in high school mean?​ Eventually those will be replaced by dreams about the kids not graduating from high school and not being able to afford.

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By Kagore - 21:30 › Dreams › comments › recurring_dream_about_n.
By Nerg - 17:16
I have had a recurring dream about not graduating High School, although I have graduated High School and College.​ It didn't really start to bothering me until recently when I thought to myself "WTF am I having this dream?" it brings the same feelings as a nightmare anxiety/fear.
By Zolorn - 00:44 › do-you-dream-you-didnt-graduate.
By Kaganos - 06:12
I had a recurring dream for ten years and, thankfully, a gestalt exercise in grad school lifted the veil off of its meaning; I never had it again. I had acted out the.

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