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Ricardinho Futsal Player Biography

Ricardinho is a professional futsal player from Portugal. He currently plays for the Indonesian club Pendekar United, although retiring. Read on for his life story, career highlights, and fun facts. But there’s more to Ricardinho than just his sport! Find out what makes him such a unique futsal player.

BornFull NamePositionNumber
1985-09-03Ricardo Filipe da Silva BragaWinger24
Ricardinho Futsal Player Information

Ricardinho Biography

Ricardinho is a Portuguese professional futsal player. He currently plays for the Indonesian club Pendekar United, although he announced his retirement after 18 years of professional career. The story of his career is an intriguing one. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Ricardinho moved to Indonesia to pursue his futsal career. His background is as varied as his career. Ricardinho began playing the sport as a child, and his love for futsal has taken him around the world.

Ricardinho’s career has been an incredibly successful one, with many major awards to his name. He led Portugal to their first Futsal World Cup victory in 2021. In addition to winning UEFA Futsal Cup titles, Ricardinho is also an outstanding player in the UEFA Champions League, having won the tournament three times with Inter-Movistar. His most notable achievements are outlined below.

Ricardinho Futsal Club

Ricardinho is a Portuguese football star. He has won five world titles and is the only player from Portugal to have won the Futsal World Cup more than four times. His performance has also made him a member of FutsalFeed’s Best Team of the Year, and he could win his first European title. The former FC Porto player has also won three-UEFA Futsal Cup titles and was crowned the best futsal player in the world. Ricardinho played futsal for Inter-Futbol Sala, Gramidense, and Benfica before becoming a star in his own right. He is currently the leading scorer in the history of the European National Team Championships. 

Ricardinho Futsal Retirement

It’s been 18 years since Ricardinho made his international debut for Portugal. Six months later, he won the Adidas Ballon d’Or. After that, the Brazilian international announced his futsal retirement. FIFA spoke to Ricardinho and other great futsal figures from the past and present. 

Ricardinho is one of the most talented and most successful Futsal players in history. But he’s still only 25 years old. Many would consider him a generational player. But his skills have been sharpened on the futsal court. It’s easy to see why FIFA deemed futsal so important for the sport. It grew from zero to 60 million participants in just four years.

His incredible career has made him an icon in futsal. He’s won various trophies while playing for Portugal. He’s also received a pension and has posted a picture of it via his Instagram account. Ricardinho’s futsal retirement is sad news for Portugal’s futsal team. However, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t stay with his club.

Ricardinho Futsal Player – Fun Facts

Futsal fanatics have long admired Ricardinho’s dribbling ability and defensive qualities. In fact, some consider him one of the greatest players of all time. Ricardinho was so good at the sport that he has been dubbed O Magico and the Magician. Ricardinho scored one of the best futsal goals in history against Serbia and another banger against Spain. His skill on the ball is so good that Ricardinho is currently playing rec leagues near you.

Although many soccer fans think of Ricardinho as a superstar, few people know his background. He was an unlucky 14-year-old when he tried out for a spot at the FC Porto, the biggest football club in Portugal. The new coach told him he was too small for the team and would have to wait at least 18 months to play. Ricardinho’s family was already poor, and their house burned down. As a result, Ricardinho’s family had to move from their home to a different one.

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